Paper decorating

Paper Decoration

Paper decorated with wheat paste can be used in complex compositions. In the 2-hour workshop, you’ll learn how to make the paste and how to make patterns. Once you know the technique, there will be plenty of time to explore colour combinations and experiment with different papers (all provided). Please note that the finished pieces cannot be transported and must be picked up at a later date.

There are no paper decorating workshop available at the moment.


Susan Gross’s Website Paper Paste decorated notebooksWorkshop

with Sok Sabay Children



Who? 6-year old onward

How Much? $40 per pax. Includes all material.

Number of participants: minimum 5 and up to 10

How to register? Sign-up the form below and press “send” and I’ll contact you or call me at 92734991

If you are interested and have a group together (children from 7 years old or adults), please contact me (by phone:  92734991 or through the form below) to arrange for a private custom-made workshop.

  1. .We love seletar environment. I wanted enrol my son Angus for clay or art class during this school holiday. He is Pri 1 now. any recommendation or we can drp by anytime to ake a look of the place

  2. Hi there, Marcus.
    No holiday classes at my place this time. I’ve been busy last week with a special program I’ll talk about this week. However, you might want to try Steven Low, the potter, on Brompton road. You can email Jane here: fr more info.

  3. Dear Isadora

    I have a 6 yr old girl who will turn 7 in December. I am trying to explore the idea of holding a princess theme party for her and her friends from school. She is in Primary 1 from a Convent School.

    What would you recommend for a group of girls from her class?
    How many to a group? is 10 girls ok?
    Where can it be held?
    Please contact me at 98712882 to discuss further on it.



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