Material for Watercolours

You will need to get your own material, from Creative Hands (in Ngee Ann City, 4th floor), Art Friend or from Straits Commercial.

  • Paper: You will need one block of large watercolour paper, heavy weight (at least 250g/m), size: bigger than A4, but can be smaller then A3. One set of post-card-sized watercolour paper (any weight. The heavier the better, but also the more expensive!).
  • Paint: I recomment Cotman’s watercolour set of pans (see info here: They are cheaper, but good enough. Since they come in a boxed set, they are ideal to carry around, and to sketch (e.g. on a trip, on postcard-sized paper). You can always buy better colours later, chosing one colour at the time. If you already have a set of any brand, don’t buy a new one, bring it along!
  • Brushes: You’ll need 3 sable brushes: One short, flat 10 mm; One size 12 (or 9, depending on the brand. Just take a big one!) and one size 3. You may also want to get a thin brush for details (size 1 or 0)
  • Pencil (2b and Hb) and soft eraser, and sharpener or penknife for sharpening.
  • a cloth for wiping the brush (or a piece of kitchen towel), 3 water containers (home-recycled or bought), a large wooden board, some watercolour gummed tape.
  1. Hi, i was wondering if you offer trial classes. if so, how much would it be?


    • Hi Nadirah,

      Thanks for your request. I will only start offering classes again from January 2011. There is no planning yet as I am working on finishing my Masters in Fine Arts first. However, I encourage you to subscribe to this blog so that you can stay informed of any classes being offered.

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