Polymer Clay Jewelery

Lots of Beads

Polymer Clay Jewelery. For adult-child teams from 4 years old or children alone from 8.

Perfect for girls’ birthday parties. Learn to make a cane to make series of beads with similar motifs (millefiori). Bake the beads and make jewelery.Beginners will be making jelly-rolls and flower motifs. Advanced students will be shown more complicated patterns (e.g. fruits). In time, you can also improvise your own designs. During the party, there is plenty of opportunities to swap and share designs!

The whole workshop lasts 3 hours. 2hours to make the beads, then a break, then another hour to thread the beads into exciting jewellery (necklace, bracelet, earrings, keyrings…)

  • Who? For adult-child team from 4 year old. Child alone from 8 years old. For beginners and intermediates
  • How much? $50 per participant or $55 for child-adult team. If the whole family wants to join, give me a call, we’ll come to a special arrangement, depending on the age of the children!
  • How to register? Sign-up the form below and press “send” and I’ll contact you or call me at 92734991

    If you are interested and have a group together (children from 7 years old or adults), please contact me (by phone:  92734991 or through the form below) to arrange for a private custom-made workshop.

  1. Bonjour Isabelle,
    Je te confirme que Camille viendra samedi pour l’atelier perle.
    Camille peut-elle faire l’atelier seule? dans ce cas son papa ira faire du sport en l’attendant, ou a-t’elle besoin de moi?
    Si je viens avec elle,il y a de fortes chances que je vienne aussi avec Marion car elle verra d’un mauvais oeil que je la laisse pour aller faire cet atelier uniquement avec sa grande soeur….

    Merci pour ta reponse!

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