Events for April at my Studio and Around Singapore

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I have compiled this list of events for you. It’s just some of the things I found that I would consider attending, or taking my kids to. As you will see, I am quite partial to cinema and classic artists…

  • This Friday (28th March) at Raffles City

Go Green, the “green” fringe of the Singapore Fashion Festival. Clothes made out of bamboo… I mean, it must be worth checking out!

a printmaking workshop. Especially suited to the Young ones (from 4 years old, 3 year olds can do it too, with Daddy’s help! ). See details here. This is soon, so if you want to attend, please call me at 9273 4991 to register.

  • Do Not Miss:

the STPI Open House on the 12th of April. This is a great FREE event where you get to go down to the printmakers’ workshop and get your hands dirty. Upstairs, an exhibition by Indonesian artist Sunaryo will be showing, and I will be running the kids’ art workshop from 11 am to 1pm. While you are there, you can sign up for the kids’ and adults’ workshops offered by the Institute in the next few months.

  • April Workshop: 21-25 April, 9.30-12.30.

One week of book-making to coincide with the French School holidays. Apologies to the children who aren’t on holiday then, but don’t worry, there is another (short) print-and-make your book workshop at the STPI on the 28th of June, and there will be 2 weeks of art workshops in July. To make sure you don’t miss out on those, subscribe to this newsletter.

  • April Art Intro Series: April 26, 2-4 pm. and May 4th

Learn to decorate paper using a variety of techniques. And then make something with the decorated paper! If you like the collage you see on the right hand-side column, this is the workshop for you!

Coming up around Singapore (not to be missed)

  • in May:

Giacometti, at the Singapore Art Museum

Children Season: Young Cinema, for children 6- 12 years old. Free. At the National Museum of Singapore (click on “events”).

Matisse, at the STPI. With a Walk-through on Saturday 17th of May, by chief printer Eitaro Ogawa and Emi Eu.

Make sure you check the March-June page for details of events at isadora’s workshop. That page is constantly updated.

About Isabelle Desjeux

Scientist since 1991, Mother since 1996, Full Time Artist since 2000, Part-Time Art Inspirer since 2002.

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  1. Hey, such a great job, I want to do everything!
    just one thing: you mentioned this week but then wrote April for the 28th and 29th… though still in March.
    take care

  2. He He, that’s what happens when I do things in a hurry. Thanks for stopping by, reading carefully, noticing and letting me know. All repaired now.

  3. Hey! such a wonderful time jade spend with you at Seletar. “J’adore” said Jade after the first day and now I am anxious to see that little fellow she made and the book, and… every thing. Thanks for fostering her creativity. You’re place is so warm and cosy that moms and kids don’t want to leave it!

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