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Micro/Macro at the Zoo

I’m very excited to be part of the Big Draw in Singapore this year. I’d heard about the event in Britain, and it is only the second year it is happening here.

Micro/Macro is a workshop happening at the zoo on the 19th of November from 10am to 2pm at the proboscis monkey enclosure (behind the Fragile Forest).


The participants (children or adults) are invited to try their hand at “Gesture Drawing”, to capture the essence of being a monkey. Those creatures move fast and you have to be fast with your charcoal, let go of the details, capture the movement. This kind of drawing is usually used to draw people, capturing them on the go, and artists use this as an exercise, to loosen up and tune their mind to drawing and observing.


The participants are then invited to try their hand at histological drawing. This time, they are given a piece of monkey tissue to observe, in the form of a histological section slide. These slides are ready to be slipped under the microscope, which can be focused to reveal different structures. In this case, the drawing is used as a means of observing detail. There is plenty of detail, and often repeating patterns.

The result will be a display side-by-side of these two different ways of capturing “what a monkey looks like” from different people, with different personalities, different abilities and different goals…

I can’t wait to see what people come up with! See you at the zoo….


Verner Panton @ National Museum Singapore

Starting next week, this new exhibition at the National Museum of Singapore promises lots of colours. Verner Panton was one of the great designers of the 20th century, famous for his love of vibrant colours, unconventional designs and playful mood. Bring the kids along: they’ll have a blast throwing themselves into the wacky colourful foam room.
I will be running a workshop on the 14th and 28th of June, especially for children 7-10 years old. We’ll be having fun with colours and shapes, seeing how these interact to make us feel different. And of course, kids get to bring home their own art. For more information and booking, click here.
Programs held in conjunction with VERNER PANTON the Collected Works

Programs held in conjunction with VERNER PANTON the Collected Works

Children’s Season @ NMS

NMS Workshops

NMS Workshops

This year, the National Museum of Singapore‘s Children’s Season runs from May 23 to June 7. There are many different workshops to choose from, performances to attend and other events for the whole family.

Please come and check out my cool recycling and environment-related FREE workshops, running over the 2 week-ends:

Drop-in Activities

Platform & Glass Atrium, Level 2 – National Museum of Singapore.

Sat 23 May & Sun 24 May

10am – 1pm : Leaf Rubbing (Get familiar with some of the leaves found in our gardens while creating a large and colorful drawing)
2pm – 5pm : Stick Puppets (Pick leaves, sticks, fruits and seeds from the large Nature Basket and assemble them to create one-of-a kind creatures)

Sat 6 Jun & Sun 7 Jun

10am – 1pm : Play, Clay and Display* (The classic plasticine and recycled material workshop where bottles can become monsters, robots or other strange Clay Critters)
2pm – 5pm : Stick Puppets (Pick leaves, sticks, fruits and seeds from the large Nature Basket and assemble them to create one-of-a kind creatures)

* Bring your own 500 ml mineral water bottle and a shoe box and learn how you can recycle and transform these objects into works of art.

Events at Seletar Camp this Easter Week-end

With Seletar Camp as we know it living its last few months, you are invited to take part in different workshops around the camp this coming holiday week-end (21st and 22nd March). There is something for every member of the family and all the activities are at walking distance from each other. These workshops are run by the artists living here and other professionals. But if you don’t feel like sitting down to a serious workshop, you might still want to come and take a stroll: if you come on Saturday afternoon (22nd March), do stroll by my studio to view some of my paper sculpture and for a free demonstration on techniques using paper to sculpt. How to get there? Check it out here. Please click on the various sites to see the details, how to register, and how to get there. Isadora’s Workshop (5, Hay Market). Recycling workshops for kids and adults on Friday 21st and Saturday 22nd March. Check details hereLe Petit  Atelier Batik Easter Egg and Polymer Clay Egg workshops. Check details hereSteven Lowe, Potter  Pressed Mould Easter Eggs. Check details here.Postcards From Seletar Learn to Blog. Check details here.