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Kids Workshops at the STPI!

Kids Workshops at the STPI in 2012

Kids Workshops at the STPI in 2012

I have worked with the STPI before, so it’s a real pleasure to be invited to run more kids workshops this year!

Check the albums of some of these previous events:

“Jazz” at the STPI ; album

“Papiers Collés” workshop

… and make sure you sign up early!

Milk-Carton Printing

Small Fish

These fish were produced using milk cartons, etching ink… and my precious press.

The lines are part of the design – those are the folds of the carton. My good friend Tamae from the STPI introduced me to the technique.

Traditionally, etching and the various types of engraving are quite toxic techniques. However, having found a simple material for the plate, a non-dangerous method of creating the lines and textures (a simple needle is needed, following the drypoint method) and a less toxic etching ink (these inks are traditionally oil-based, but this one contains less turpentine and can be cleaned up with cooking oil and soap), I am now ready to let the kids explore for themselves.

If you want to design your own fish out of milk cartons, and discover other simple printmaking techniques, sign up for the first workshop of the coming June holiday:

Tuesday 27th May, 2-5 pm, at the Hay Market Studio. From 7 year old. Fees (inc. Materials: $50). Places are limited to 8 students, so sign up early. Oh, and start drinking milk and bring your own cartons!

If there is interest, we might also use this technique for the Parent-Child workshop of the first week-end of July:

Saturday 5th July, 2-5 pm, at the Hay Market Studio: Make a Book. From 4 year old (with an adult), or from 8 years old (alone), or adults alone too (Fees: $50 – 55). Limited to 8 people or 6 teams. Sign-up.

If you like the technique and would like me to run the workshop for you and a group of your friends, feel free to leave a comment below.