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OBSERVATIONS – a student exhibition

We are delighted to announce that the students of l’Observatoire have been invited to exhibit their works at the French Bookshop in Tiong Bahru this June.

Join us for our vernissage on Sunday 8th of June, 12noon – 2pm, meet some of the young artists, and sign our book!

OBSERVATIONS - a student exhibition

OBSERVATIONS – a student exhibition


Drawing Houses

With the drawing classes winding down and the drawing year coming to an end, I have decided it was time to revive this blog by posting regularly about the various themes we have been exploring throughout the last few months. Students at the Observatoire studio range from 5 year olds to teenagers (and the occasional adult), and in most weeks, there is a theme, that will be interpreted in various ways by the different drawing groups. The results are as varied as you can imagine and sometimes throw great insights into how students of different personalities, different age, and in different environments (peers) produce different drawings.

A "Hpuse" built by 5-year-olds Henry and Breit.

A house.  Built by 5-year-olds Henry and Breit.

In each lesson, there would have been a goal, something to explore. Sometimes, it’s a medium, sometimes it’s an aspect of drawing (such as contour drawing, perspective, shading, negative space, composition…), and sometimes it’s about letting the participants take ownership of their drawing (vs. creating a “perfect” drawing). Sometimes the constraints are strong, sometimes there are none. Most of the time, the instructions are only a beginning and the participants are invited to finish their drawing in their own way (or start a second one, on their own)

The themes explored in the last term have been:

  • How to draw an apple accurately enough that you might be able to pick it from a bowl?
  • Many different cacti.
  • Drawing water bottles. Is it boring?
  • How hard is it to draw a ping-pong ball? (Challenge)
  • Build your own house and draw it.
  • Observing insects close-up. Drawing them accurately.
  • Understanding Master’s paintings through their mark-making.

I will update the list above with links as the posts come in… stay tuned and do link-up on Facebook where I do post rather informally drawings of various students or comments on classes as they have just happened.

New Drawing Classes Schedule

I Wish you all a Happy New Year!
The New Drawing Class Schedule has just been unveiled and now provides drawing classes for adults, an Open Studio time on Saturdays, as well as the old regular classes.
 Week-ends are usually reserved for booked events, so feel free to approach me with a request for a workshop.
 The classes run as a series of 10 lessons until the end of March, and will then continue until June.
 Please do save time over the last 2 week-ends of February to come and visit Open House! in Tiong Bahru where I will be exhibiting my work.
Hoping to see you soon, at the studio!

Events at Seletar Camp this Easter Week-end

With Seletar Camp as we know it living its last few months, you are invited to take part in different workshops around the camp this coming holiday week-end (21st and 22nd March). There is something for every member of the family and all the activities are at walking distance from each other. These workshops are run by the artists living here and other professionals. But if you don’t feel like sitting down to a serious workshop, you might still want to come and take a stroll: if you come on Saturday afternoon (22nd March), do stroll by my studio to view some of my paper sculpture and for a free demonstration on techniques using paper to sculpt. How to get there? Check it out here. Please click on the various sites to see the details, how to register, and how to get there. Isadora’s Workshop (5, Hay Market). Recycling workshops for kids and adults on Friday 21st and Saturday 22nd March. Check details hereLe Petit  Atelier Batik Easter Egg and Polymer Clay Egg workshops. Check details hereSteven Lowe, Potter  Pressed Mould Easter Eggs. Check details here.Postcards From Seletar Learn to Blog. Check details here. 

Drawing Classes: trial this week!

This week is trial classes week! 

If you’d like to see the studio/garden/duck (!) and come for one lesson ($20), leave a comment below or call me  (92734991). After completing the trial class, I will assign the child (4 years old to teenagers) to the most appropriate class. Classes are small (4 to 8 students), and as much as possible, students are grouped by age and/or level… so, please be prepared to be flexible!

The new 10-week session starts in April. 

You might want to check out what classes are running now, here. Your child will be assigned to one of these existing class or a new class will be created if there is demand. 

Also, please go and check the children’s drawing from the last few weeks here, and from previous drawing classes here