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Drawing Dinosaurs!

Docent drawing of displayed ammonite (graphite and pencil on paper)

Docent drawing of displayed ammonite (graphite and pencil on paper)

Sculpted ammonite (Docent artwork)

Sculpted ammonite (Docent artwork)

I am happy to announce that I will be running Drawing Workshops at the ArtScience Museum for their Dinosaurs: Dawn to Extinction exhibition which opens later this month!

If you are interested, you can get your ticket early to visit the exhibition and make sure to choose one of the dates where I will be running the workshops:

Dates: Sunday 2, 9  & 23 February, 9 & 23 March, 6 & 20 April

– Sketch-a-Fossil:

Bring fossils to life by drawing them in detail. Observation drawing . Make your piece stand out by placing it in a pre-historical landscape (optional collage). Ammonite or Fossilized wood will be our inspiration.

Timing: 45 minute workshops at 12.30pm and 1.15pm

– Sculpting Fun: Shells and Bones:

What better way to understand a fossil than to feel it in 3D? Carve your own sculpted shell or bone out of soap, and bring your replica home. Children under the age of 8 require adult supervision. Ammonite or T-rex claw will be our inspiration.

Timing: 45 minute workshops at 2.30pm and 3.15pm


Open Studio

A place to explore and create art for teenagers.

In this studio, you’ll have a space to create your own art, be inspired by peers, and get advice and guidance when needed. Over 10 sessions, explore different media and find your voice.

Drawing: pencil, charcoal, and alternative mark-making

Painting: watercolour and acrylics

Printmaking: relief printing (woodcut, lino, collographs), etching, silk-screen

Object-making: basic clay work; working with found objects; papier mâché.

Saturday, 9.30 – 11.30 am. Fees:  $ 50 per class or  $ 450 for 10 class session.

Things to come… T-shirts, Sculptures, Cinema, Holiday Program (finally)!

T-shirts, silk-screen printed and ready to be decorated.

Many things are happening this month!

  • I have prepared the T-shirts above for a private party. These were silk-screened using my usual paper-silk-screen technique. The design is simple and the girls will spend some time decorating them using a mixture of textile markers and sparkly liners… I’ll post the result!
  • Another party at the Museum. Remember that you can book your own party at the Singapore Art Museum!
  • Opening on the 7th of June is 2 and 1/2 D Cinema at the Playdome. Make sure you come and visit – you have until the 26th of June. Buy a ticket to one of the shows and get unlimited entry to the exhibitions on that day. Or buy a season ticket and come visit often!
  • Summer Program: 

all happening at 102 Gardenia Road in Sunny Singapore, at the edge of the McRitchie Reservoir!

Week 1:

Monday 27 June – Friday 1 July  Watercolors For children 5-14 years old. Daily, 9.30 am – 12.30 pm. Beginners welcome. We will learn some basics of drawing as well as how to “tame” the watercolor.  
Max. 8 children. Fees: $400, includes material (watercolor paper and paints, brush, folder… to bring home).

Week 2:

Monday 4 July – Friday 8 July Printmaking For children 7-14 years old. Daily 9.30am – 12.30 pm. Beginners or advanced. Beginners will be exposed to various techniques of relief printing, silk-screen printing and intaglio, using a real press. Advanced students will be supervised and inspired in their chosen project.
Max. 5 children. Fees: $500, includes material (plates, printmaking paper, inks… and a folder to bring the art home).
Sign-up or Contact me directly with the form below

Holiday Workshops

Making Clay Creatures with the children, Photo Credit : Rubin Hashim

March is here and the children need a break. You’ve been asking for them, so here they are… open-studio workshops are back!

My studio will be open for easy, drop-in sessions. Just choose which day you’d like to come and come and join a small group of like-minded 5-12 year olds. The projects listed below are starting points – who knows what you’ll end up inventing! All the material is provided. Just bring an open mind.

On offer for the week of 14th to 18th of March 2011:

Monday is Printmaking. Using recycled material, learn the age-old technique of “etching”, and use a real printing-press to produce a small edition of your drawing.
Tuesday is Design your T-shirt. Bring your own T-shirt or buy one here, and use paints and silk-screen techniques to personalise your T-shirt.

Wednesday is Make a Book. Learn the basics of book-making, design a few books from an A4 page, and come home with a colourful notebook.

Thursday is Polymer Clay. Learn how to make colourful patterns using polymer clay. Invent your own! Make marbles, beads or small creatures.

Friday is Clay Creatures … and their house. Make a polymer clay creature and then make them a house / flying saucer / jungle… to sleep in!

Time:  2-4pm 


$40 per child per session.

Book 2 (children or sessions) and get %10 off

Book 3 (children or session) and get 20% off!

Interested? Call 92734991 to book or send me a message, using the contact from below.


First of a new series: Birthday Workshops at SAM

Last week-end saw the launch of the new Birthday Party program at SAM, run by Isadora’s Workshop!

The theme of the 2-hour party was “Be A Sculptor”. 10 children walked through the Learning Gallery, observed and played games, before exploring everyday materials and transforming them into fun sculptures. Can you guess what the sculptures are made from?

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