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Holiday Workshops

Making Clay Creatures with the children, Photo Credit : Rubin Hashim

March is here and the children need a break. You’ve been asking for them, so here they are… open-studio workshops are back!

My studio will be open for easy, drop-in sessions. Just choose which day you’d like to come and come and join a small group of like-minded 5-12 year olds. The projects listed below are starting points – who knows what you’ll end up inventing! All the material is provided. Just bring an open mind.

On offer for the week of 14th to 18th of March 2011:

Monday is Printmaking. Using recycled material, learn the age-old technique of “etching”, and use a real printing-press to produce a small edition of your drawing.
Tuesday is Design your T-shirt. Bring your own T-shirt or buy one here, and use paints and silk-screen techniques to personalise your T-shirt.

Wednesday is Make a Book. Learn the basics of book-making, design a few books from an A4 page, and come home with a colourful notebook.

Thursday is Polymer Clay. Learn how to make colourful patterns using polymer clay. Invent your own! Make marbles, beads or small creatures.

Friday is Clay Creatures … and their house. Make a polymer clay creature and then make them a house / flying saucer / jungle… to sleep in!

Time:  2-4pm 


$40 per child per session.

Book 2 (children or sessions) and get %10 off

Book 3 (children or session) and get 20% off!

Interested? Call 92734991 to book or send me a message, using the contact from below.


Polymer Clay Workshop this Saturday, 7th June

Polymer Clay Necklace

Saturday 7th June 2-5pm.

This week-end: Introduction to polymer clay. Learn to make beads following a pattern, and then improvise your own patterns!

Suitable for accompanied children from 4 years old: get a parent-child team together!

Suitable for returning students: there is always something new to discover. You made flowers last time, why not try a more complex design this time?

Suitable for boys and girls: the colourful creations can be made into beads, marbles, or various tribal body ornaments! I’ve seen boys get more into it than girls…

Limited to 10 participants or 8 teams.

Come and have a relaxing time in the garden together and meet new friends.

Fees (include all materials): Parent-child team ($55), single participant ($50)


Next Month:

Make a book together. If your child is not able to attend the book-making sessions offered during this holiday period,you might want to come together on the 5th of July to make a book!


Holiday Workshops: Use recycled materials!

At my workshop, I always try to use as much recycled instead of expensive material as possible. It’s not about the money, really, it’s more about the freedom that comes with it.

Firstly, it helps with the creative leap: “it used to hold eggs – but it looks like it could make a good giraffe’s neck”

Then, when you use cheap, and easily available material, you don’t worry so much about spoiling it – and you’re more ready to experiment. All the better if the children bring the material themselves. Then, they carry some of the responsibility towards the success of the workshop (Auntie Jane spotted the workshop, Dad payed for it, Mom brings me there, but I must remember to bring my material), and enjoy it more.

It’s an attitude. It’s not like you’re going to save the planet by using a red plastic milk bottle caps to make the nose of your creature instead of store-bought pom-poms. But you’re on your way because it means you’re thinking twice about all this spare stuff you have and all the garbage you generate. Thinking about it goes a long way. In your eyes, red plasic bottle caps suddenly become a rare and expensive commodity. You learn to re-evaluate how much you value what you own.

That is also why it’s worth making things yourself. Hmm… I’m talking simple things here. But if you make them yourself, you are likely to keep them longer rather than throw them away and replace them when the fashion changes.

Of course, most of the objects made from recycled material eventually end up in the bin… but the recycled material will have had a second life awakening someone’s emotions as art can do. In that second life it will have raised a child’s awareness of how most materials come from a limited resource (such a hard concept to understand when there is no direct economical need to reuse!).

So, with that in mind, I will have participants bring some of the materials in each of the holiday workshops this season.

Holiday Program

Every Tuesday afternoon (from 27th May to June 17), at my workshop, there will be a different activity. Most are tailored for the 7 and above and you can sign up for all for a complete experience. However, all activities are independent from each other, so you can sign up for one or two only.

Activities for the 7 and above:

Book-making, Print-making, Painting (Fun With Paints, see below), and Polymer Clay Jewelery.

Activities for the younger ones (from 5 years old, but NOT 4 years old):

Fun with Paints on the Tuesday 10th of June (2-4pm). Similar to Paper Decorating, children will use a variety of technique to produce abstract patterns on papers. These can be used to be framed, cut up into postcards, for collage, … or for the Notebook-making workshop the following week (June 17).

Activites at the STPI on Saturday afternoons:

Printmaking, T-shirt Printing and Bookmaking on the theme of the current Matisse exhibition. Sign up directly with them.

Check the full schedule for May, June or July.

Do sign up early, it really helps with the organisation of the workshop. Registrations close one week before the event. How to Sign Up.

Events at Seletar Camp this Easter Week-end

With Seletar Camp as we know it living its last few months, you are invited to take part in different workshops around the camp this coming holiday week-end (21st and 22nd March). There is something for every member of the family and all the activities are at walking distance from each other. These workshops are run by the artists living here and other professionals. But if you don’t feel like sitting down to a serious workshop, you might still want to come and take a stroll: if you come on Saturday afternoon (22nd March), do stroll by my studio to view some of my paper sculpture and for a free demonstration on techniques using paper to sculpt. How to get there? Check it out here. Please click on the various sites to see the details, how to register, and how to get there. Isadora’s Workshop (5, Hay Market). Recycling workshops for kids and adults on Friday 21st and Saturday 22nd March. Check details hereLe Petit  Atelier Batik Easter Egg and Polymer Clay Egg workshops. Check details hereSteven Lowe, Potter  Pressed Mould Easter Eggs. Check details here.Postcards From Seletar Learn to Blog. Check details here.