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Children’s Season at the National Museum of Singapore

It’s May and time for the Children’s Season at the National Museum again.

Colourful Journeys promises to be just that. There will be plays, workshops, movies under the banyan tree… an experience not to be missed. Go and check out the full program here. Click on “all events” and scroll down to “Colourful Journeys”.

Isadora’s Workshop will set up a story-telling room above the entrance of the museum, and invite children to come and make props and characters for their story. If the children have ever participated in a “Clay Critter” workshop, they’ll know what to expect: invent a character, an animal, a house, a vehicle using the material at hand (recycled bottles and clay). As the characters and props are being created, the story appears. As we let all our creations assemble on the Story Table, the story unfurls as the children help Isadora tell the story, with the challenge of using all the characters and props designed during the workshop… and then we walk home with our little piece of the story!

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Kid’s interpretation of Verner Panton

Children's Panton Collages

Children's Panton Collages

This was the last workshop before my Summer break. Kids enjoyed a tour of the museum and had fun experimenting with colours before making their own design.

In August, I will be starting my Masters in Fine Arts in LASALLE College of the Arts… Isadora’s Workshop will therefore run much fewer workshops. If you have a project in mind (Holiday workshop for a group, birthday party, or corporate event), please let me know early so that I can plan! Details of how to contact me can be found here.

Verner Panton Workshop this week-end

Variation 1 on Verner Panton

Variation 1 on Verner Panton

Venue: National Museum of Singapore Exhibition Gallery 2

Led by: Isabelle Desjeux

Dates: Sun 14th June & Sun 28 June 2009, 11:am – 12:30pm & 2:00pm – 3:30 pm

Tickets: Sistic

  • Did you know that colours interact with each other?
  • Did you realise that an object painted in one colour actually shows more than one colour?
  • Did you realise you could make flat paintings look 3-D just from the way you’re using colour?
  • These notions were well understood by the artists of the Op Art movement.

    Verner Panton’s collection of textile prints, now visible at the National Museum illustrate these notions beautifully. They are a great place to start when you are trying to explain colour theory or how colours interact with each other.

    Through a 90-minutes walk-through and workshop, the children (from 7 onwards) get to understand and experience for themselves the effect colour combinations can have on them. Shape is an important part of the design too, of course. So, when it comes to designing their own motif à-la-Panton, they get to choose their own shapes and colour combinations.

    Variation 2 on Verner Panton

    Variation 2 on Verner Panton