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OBSERVATIONS – a student exhibition

We are delighted to announce that the students of l’Observatoire have been invited to exhibit their works at the French Bookshop in Tiong Bahru this June.

Join us for our vernissage on Sunday 8th of June, 12noon – 2pm, meet some of the young artists, and sign our book!

OBSERVATIONS - a student exhibition

OBSERVATIONS – a student exhibition


Drawing Dinosaurs!

Docent drawing of displayed ammonite (graphite and pencil on paper)

Docent drawing of displayed ammonite (graphite and pencil on paper)

Sculpted ammonite (Docent artwork)

Sculpted ammonite (Docent artwork)

I am happy to announce that I will be running Drawing Workshops at the ArtScience Museum for their Dinosaurs: Dawn to Extinction exhibition which opens later this month!

If you are interested, you can get your ticket early to visit the exhibition and make sure to choose one of the dates where I will be running the workshops:

Dates: Sunday 2, 9  & 23 February, 9 & 23 March, 6 & 20 April

– Sketch-a-Fossil:

Bring fossils to life by drawing them in detail. Observation drawing . Make your piece stand out by placing it in a pre-historical landscape (optional collage). Ammonite or Fossilized wood will be our inspiration.

Timing: 45 minute workshops at 12.30pm and 1.15pm

– Sculpting Fun: Shells and Bones:

What better way to understand a fossil than to feel it in 3D? Carve your own sculpted shell or bone out of soap, and bring your replica home. Children under the age of 8 require adult supervision. Ammonite or T-rex claw will be our inspiration.

Timing: 45 minute workshops at 2.30pm and 3.15pm

Making Books

Kirsty's testimonial

One of the 20 hand-written letters received after running a book-making workshop for 2nd graders at SJII. The best testimonial ever!

Next week, from Oct 31 to Nov 1st, It’s Book-Binding week… in French (French School Holidays!)

If you are older than 8, you can join! You will get a chance to look through my collection of hand-made artist books, and each day, we’ll experiment with a different book-binding strategy.

Whether it’s wood, leather, cloth, fancy paper, hinges, recycling paper, string, rope, all the material will be there to experiment with.

Could you imagine making making a book with just what you find in the forest? We might just step into the backyard and see what we find…

Check out the poster below (details in English here.)

Even cooks need to know how to draw…

From Elizabeth David, "French Provincial Cooking", (1960)

As part of a new series highlighting the different situations where drawing could save your life, I have found this illustration in a cookbook. If you are trying to explain how to make consommé, it really does help to have sharp drawing skills.

As an adult, you might think you don’t have the time to learn (you’d be wrong). However, if you want to give your child a headstart, sign them up for drawing classes. You never know, your son might want to become a cook.

Drawing Classes

Many of you have been asking, and now the schedule is out!

Please take the time to review the dates and find the most suitable time. Give me a call to discuss (92734991).

And remember: these classes are mostly observation classes with drawing as an outcome. I have just found this wonderful post that encourages scientists to draw to observe better. This is the reason I started drawing realistically. We all need drawing as a tool, whether it is for remembering a lesson, or something important, for clarifying some facts, for explaining something. Once we are not afraid of drawing anymore, we can even use it for art, or as an outlet to creativity, or as a meditation tool.

Let’s get drawing!

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