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OBSERVATIONS – a student exhibition

We are delighted to announce that the students of l’Observatoire have been invited to exhibit their works at the French Bookshop in Tiong Bahru this June.

Join us for our vernissage on Sunday 8th of June, 12noon – 2pm, meet some of the young artists, and sign our book!

OBSERVATIONS - a student exhibition

OBSERVATIONS – a student exhibition


Students participate in the production of the hoarding for the new Jurong Hospital

A new hospital is being built in Jurong. And I was called in to help produce an artwork for the hoarding lining the new Jurong Gateway Road (don’t look for it, the street is not yet on the maps. Hint: it’s opposite the IMM building) while the hospital is being built.

This hoarding was a perfect setting for a community project. So, students from several Jurong primary schools as well as secondary schools and JC were involved, as well as people from St Luke’s Old Folks’ home. To fit with the building, the theme of “Build a Picture of Health” was proposed.

How do you make over 80 participants help in a large drawing?

I decided I would draw a setting, representing different parts of everyday life, from Home, to Outside (in Town or in the Forest), the Community Park and the Hospital. And then, I would ask the participants to produce drawings relating to “Picture of Health”. My job would then be to fit their pictures in my drawing.

During the workshops, after an introduction on the hospital, I conducted a brainstorming session on the theme of “Picture of Health”. This was to get the participants to expand on the meaning of health… and we did get beyond the “eat an apple” to stay healthy. I wanted the students to walk in unprepared. I did not want them to do research ahead of time. This was a spontaneous exercise. Students were invited to use their favorite medium. Some like to paint big pictures. Some are more comfortable with a small pencil sketch. All was possible, but the theme was defined, and I walked among the students, helping them decide what they would do. In the end, some students produced some of the backdrop, some produced inspiring images that end up being hung on the walls of the different rooms I drew. Some wanted to paint “beautiful images that they would want to see if they are sick and need to get better”. Some drew settings that allow for healthy lifestyle.

Finally, some of the images were selected to be finished by the elderly from St Luke’s Old Folk’s. For those images, the participants were given the choice of coloring the vignettes either with paint, or with seeds, producing a beautiful effect.

The students from my workshop at l’Observatoire also participated. And after a time of discussing all the elements that fit into a Picture of Health, they took to painting a number of pictures too.

In the end, I had to put this outpouring of over 80 images into a 50m-long image. Needless to say, there was a lot of back and forth deciding what the background would be like, and then where each image should fit.

Finally, here it is, as it was sent to the designer at the beginning of the month… they have made it into a very long sticker, interspersed with text and other images relevant to the hospital.

At the Community Park

At the Community Park

At Home

At Home

At Hospital

at Hospital



Here, I would also like to add a few of the pictures contributed by the different participants of the community. Can you find them in the picture above? If you find the picture is too small, why not go and check out the hoarding in person? It measures 2.5m in height and is 50m long… surely there, you can spot your picture!

June Holidays

National Museum of Singapore ©Isabelle Desjeux 2011

At the PlayDome!

The program is finally out and there are lots of fun exhibitions, workshops, and interactive artworks to discover at the National Museum of Singapore from mid-May to end of June. For the 3rd time running, I will be participating, this time with a different kind of work.

“2 and 1/2 D Cinema” proposes a unique experience where the children are not only allowed but even encouraged to step into the beam and interact with the film being projected. Using footage from National Archive of Singapore visible in the History gallery as well as from Dr Ivan Polunin archives, this special cinema encourages children to take a second look at cinema, Singapore history, and the stories of others in general. After having interacted with the film, the children are invited to go and see themselves on screen, giving them a fresh look on the footage, and creating a special self-awareness.

For more details, ideas about how to guide the children through the various exhibitions, and how to buy tickets, see the museum guide.

Because of this exhibition, and because of workshops in schools and at various corporations in Singapore, I will not be running any school holiday workshops in June. But do check back for July workshops, if your holidays fall then! And in the meantime, drawing classes continue…

Verner Panton @ National Museum Singapore

Starting next week, this new exhibition at the National Museum of Singapore promises lots of colours. Verner Panton was one of the great designers of the 20th century, famous for his love of vibrant colours, unconventional designs and playful mood. Bring the kids along: they’ll have a blast throwing themselves into the wacky colourful foam room.
I will be running a workshop on the 14th and 28th of June, especially for children 7-10 years old. We’ll be having fun with colours and shapes, seeing how these interact to make us feel different. And of course, kids get to bring home their own art. For more information and booking, click here.
Programs held in conjunction with VERNER PANTON the Collected Works

Programs held in conjunction with VERNER PANTON the Collected Works

Pameran Poskad ’08

Invitation to Pameran Poskad '08

Invitation to Pameran Poskad

Please join us for the opening of Pameran Poskad ’08 on Saturday, 6 December from 6pm to 9pm.  Choose your favourite from among 2000 affordably priced postcard sized artworks.  So bring your friends and be ready to shop for some original art.
See you Saturday,
The Pameran Poskad Team

Isadora’s Workshop is a proud sponsor of the event.