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Last Workshops for the year: Cards Printing and Portrait Drawing

Saturday 3 December: Print your Christmas cards, a parent-child workshop.

  • Using recycled milk and juice cartons, create plates that can be printed… and used to send season’s greetings.
    Milk Cartons and a Star Print

    A star, designed and printed by a 9-year old student from LFS (French School Singapore) during last month's workshop.

    December 3, 2011, 9:15 – 11:15 am.  Make your own Greeting Cards, a parent/child workshop!

    Using the technique of etching on milk cartons, make delicate drawings that can be reproduced and displayed in front of a lighted candle.

    Timing: 9:15 am-11:15 am

    Location: 102 Gardenia Road Singapore 578873

    Instructor: Isabelle Desjeux (92734991)

    Age group:  5 – 14 year olds (young ones should be accompanied). Adults alone welcome.

    Fees (all materials included):$55/60 (Child alone/team) includes all material.

    How do i Sign-Up?

December 5 – 9: Drawing portraits

  • Learn to draw realistically using various tools and mediums (pencil, charcoal, watercolour and pastels). And learn to have fun and see beyond the lines on the surface to create a portrait with personality, reflecting both your personality and the sitter’s personality!
    Self-Portrait by Ruru (9 years old)
    Self-Portrait by Ruru (9 years old)
    Pastel self-portrait by Calista

    self-portrait (Calista, 8 years old)

    Portrait after painting by Vermeer

    Portrait by Ruru (9 years old)



Self-Portrait by Nana (5 years old)

Timing: 10am-12.00pm

Location: 102 Gardenia Road Singapore 578873

Instructor: Isabelle Desjeux (92734991)

Age group: children from 8 years old (beginners or advanced); adults welcome

Group size: no more than 6.

Fees (all materials included): $300

How do i Sign-Up?

Tintin, the 3 little pigs, and other original stories: Book-making week


Rebekah's batik drawingRebekah’s batik drawing

The Drawing Classes in September had fun using paint. I know I always say that my class is DRAWING and observation… but we always start by using a picture. The first step is understanding what medium was used for creating the artwork. And this time, I was using a well-loved postcard of a design by Singapore Batik artist Sarkazi Said Tze. The children were having difficulty finding out what medium was used. I used cues, such as “what are the colur of the lines for the edges?” but still, “Batik” didn’t come out as the answer (for the young ones… the 10 year olds got it instantly).

So, I decided I would give them a chance to try a “resist” technique. The children had to draw white -on-white with wax crayons (tricky!). Then, they used watercolour to fill in their shapes. The younger ones painted directly on unprepared paper, whereas I took time to gesso-prepare the paper for the older ones. For a view of the whole portfolio, check out our Facebook page (it’s easier to share pics there!).

Now, announcing Holiday workshops, starting NEXT WEEK all the way until the end of November… check them out!

Summer Camps 2011

Week I: June 27 – July 1 – Have fun with Watercolors

Lillies, watercolor by Camille (6 years old)

5-day exploration where you can pick up drawing tips, learn about colour and tame the watercolours on paper. An ideal medium for the summer as it is portable…

Location: Gardenia Studio

Schedule: 9:30am-12:30pm

For: 5-12 year olds

Fees: $400 (inc. all material)

Week II: July 4 – July 8 – Learn Printmaking

Linocut print by Jesse (9 years old)

Explore the various types of printmaking from relief printing to intaglio, using a real press, but also silk-screen-printing. Printmaking allows you to produces beautiful designs even without drawing skills, and there is an element of surprise in the result that you will never tire of marveling at…

Location: Gardenia Studio

Schedule: 9:30am-12:30pm

For: 7-14 year olds

Fees: $500 (inc. all material)

 10,11,12 August (am) : Jungle Drawing

Animals in the Garden by Students (7 years old)

Introduction to drawing, on the theme of the jungle. Each half-day is divided into drawing time and craft time. We start with an introduction to drawing for beginners. The second half of each session is craft-time:
 Paint a canvas and silk-screen print your own design on a T-shirt
On the last day of camp, parents are invited to come in at 12.30pm, for an exhibition: it’s sharing time. The little artists get a chance to discuss their work (drawing, painting and silk-screen) with the visitors.

Location: Hollandse Club

Schedule: 9:30am-1pm

For: 4-8 year olds

Fees: $Price differs for members of the club and non-members  Please check with the club for exact pricing

10, 11, 12 August (pm): Book-Making

Various small books made by myself.

During this camp, the participants get exposed to different ways of making a book, and assembling pages together. In parallel, children will learn to design and make their own stamps to illustrate their story. Finally, each participant will be encouraged to explore their own preferred book design to tell their story.
On the last day, the books will be exposed and stories shared. Parents are invited to come and view the exhibition and share the exhibited works from 5pm onwards.

Location: Hollandse Club

Schedule: 2pm – 5.30pm

For: 6-12 year olds

Fees: $Price differs for members of the club and non-members  Please check with the club for exact pricing

Regular Drawing Classes

Regular Drawing will resume in September. If you have expressed an interest in joining the class, you will receive a notice in August with the details of timing. You can also check back here for more info in late August.


Or request further information through the form below

2 and 1/2 D Cinema

Documenting "2 and 1/2 D Cinema" (Click on the image to see the whole picture)

This June, I invite you to come and visit the National Museum of Singapore with the children. As usual, their Children Season is very well orchestrated, with workshops, shows and interactive art exhibitions. (click for details and tickets)

My own work this year is an interactive installation, presented in the Black Box (3rd Floor), PlayDome. Daily except Mondays, from 10am to 6pm. Make sure to let me know if you’re coming – I’ll try to be there. If not, the facilitators are fantastic in guiding the children through the show:

“2 and 1/2 D Cinema is an interactive cinema experience like no other. 5 short films edited from the Ivan Polunin archives are presented, with new sountrack. Children are invited to step into the beam, onto the stage, and interact with the footage representing everyday life in Singapore in the 50s-60s. All the while, they are being filmed, and can see themselves on the TV screen placed outside the cinema, which transmit the new footage with a 30-second delay.”

Hence, no holiday workshops until 27th of June… But a week of Watercolors and a week of Printmaking for the lucky children who are on holiday then!