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June Holidays

National Museum of Singapore ©Isabelle Desjeux 2011

At the PlayDome!

The program is finally out and there are lots of fun exhibitions, workshops, and interactive artworks to discover at the National Museum of Singapore from mid-May to end of June. For the 3rd time running, I will be participating, this time with a different kind of work.

“2 and 1/2 D Cinema” proposes a unique experience where the children are not only allowed but even encouraged to step into the beam and interact with the film being projected. Using footage from National Archive of Singapore visible in the History gallery as well as from Dr Ivan Polunin archives, this special cinema encourages children to take a second look at cinema, Singapore history, and the stories of others in general. After having interacted with the film, the children are invited to go and see themselves on screen, giving them a fresh look on the footage, and creating a special self-awareness.

For more details, ideas about how to guide the children through the various exhibitions, and how to buy tickets, see the museum guide.

Because of this exhibition, and because of workshops in schools and at various corporations in Singapore, I will not be running any school holiday workshops in June. But do check back for July workshops, if your holidays fall then! And in the meantime, drawing classes continue…