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Crafting for Christmas and for Charity at l’Observatoire

As most of you might know by now, “Isadora’s Workshop” is the crafty sister of “l’Observatoire”, an art-and-science place.

This Christmas Season, Isadora’s Workshop’s craft is happening at l’Observatoire where we are are mustering all the craft we can to bring some cheer to as many people as possible.

Come and make your Christmas cards, Christmas decorations and Christmas presents in a convivial atmosphere – all proceeds go to the Philippines Red Cross!

Here is a gallery of some of the crafts our volunteer artists will be demonstrating to inspire you:

So don’t delay, Come and join us this Sunday or any Sunday before Christmas, either as a volunteer, as an artist/maker/crafter or as a participant!


Students participate in the production of the hoarding for the new Jurong Hospital

A new hospital is being built in Jurong. And I was called in to help produce an artwork for the hoarding lining the new Jurong Gateway Road (don’t look for it, the street is not yet on the maps. Hint: it’s opposite the IMM building) while the hospital is being built.

This hoarding was a perfect setting for a community project. So, students from several Jurong primary schools as well as secondary schools and JC were involved, as well as people from St Luke’s Old Folks’ home. To fit with the building, the theme of “Build a Picture of Health” was proposed.

How do you make over 80 participants help in a large drawing?

I decided I would draw a setting, representing different parts of everyday life, from Home, to Outside (in Town or in the Forest), the Community Park and the Hospital. And then, I would ask the participants to produce drawings relating to “Picture of Health”. My job would then be to fit their pictures in my drawing.

During the workshops, after an introduction on the hospital, I conducted a brainstorming session on the theme of “Picture of Health”. This was to get the participants to expand on the meaning of health… and we did get beyond the “eat an apple” to stay healthy. I wanted the students to walk in unprepared. I did not want them to do research ahead of time. This was a spontaneous exercise. Students were invited to use their favorite medium. Some like to paint big pictures. Some are more comfortable with a small pencil sketch. All was possible, but the theme was defined, and I walked among the students, helping them decide what they would do. In the end, some students produced some of the backdrop, some produced inspiring images that end up being hung on the walls of the different rooms I drew. Some wanted to paint “beautiful images that they would want to see if they are sick and need to get better”. Some drew settings that allow for healthy lifestyle.

Finally, some of the images were selected to be finished by the elderly from St Luke’s Old Folk’s. For those images, the participants were given the choice of coloring the vignettes either with paint, or with seeds, producing a beautiful effect.

The students from my workshop at l’Observatoire also participated. And after a time of discussing all the elements that fit into a Picture of Health, they took to painting a number of pictures too.

In the end, I had to put this outpouring of over 80 images into a 50m-long image. Needless to say, there was a lot of back and forth deciding what the background would be like, and then where each image should fit.

Finally, here it is, as it was sent to the designer at the beginning of the month… they have made it into a very long sticker, interspersed with text and other images relevant to the hospital.

At the Community Park

At the Community Park

At Home

At Home

At Hospital

at Hospital



Here, I would also like to add a few of the pictures contributed by the different participants of the community. Can you find them in the picture above? If you find the picture is too small, why not go and check out the hoarding in person? It measures 2.5m in height and is 50m long… surely there, you can spot your picture!

Daytime Drawing Classes for Adults

Always wanted to try drawing but think you can’t? Here’s the news: if you can write, you have enough control to draw. If you can see, you can learn to see to draw. Drawing, together with writing and counting is a tool for communicating and understanding the world around us. Come give it a try over the next 5 weeks. First class is on the 23rd of September, at the brand new Observatoire at the Blue House. Full details here.

Adult Drawing: Learn to see better in 10 lessons

When you learn to draw, you learn to see the world. It’s like traveling to a new destination without leaving your surroundings. Copying is not a bad word – that’s what artists do all the time; just add personality.

In 10 weeks of 2-hour lessons, we cover:

  • Learn to draw contours as you see them. Learn to “see” without feeling restrained.
  • Mark-making: using different tools or tools differently to make marks on the paper.
  • Exploring different styles.
  • Shading: drawing without contours.
  • Composition: what to leave in and what to include in the picture; Positive and Negative space.
  • Some perspective and how to create space.
  • Appropriate the subject you are drawing from and transform it to make it your own
  • How to stay inspired.

The aim of the class is to send you exploring on your own, without fear.

Here are some links to how I think about art and teaching art:

– Germaine Greer “I’m about to tell you what art is” in the Guardian.

– Austin Kleon “How to Steal Like an Artist“, the book.

– and of course, the classics: “How to Draw on the Right Side of the Brain” by Betty Edward and inspiration from Mona Brooks and her Monart method of drawing.

See some of my drawings:

About the artist/teacher

Timing: Wednesdays 10am – 12pm 
Starting: 18th of January or when a minimum of 4 have signed up!
Maximum class size: 6.
Location: 102 Gardenia Road, Singapore ( 578873)
Fees: $500 for 10 classes.

New Drawing Classes Schedule

I Wish you all a Happy New Year!
The New Drawing Class Schedule has just been unveiled and now provides drawing classes for adults, an Open Studio time on Saturdays, as well as the old regular classes.
 Week-ends are usually reserved for booked events, so feel free to approach me with a request for a workshop.
 The classes run as a series of 10 lessons until the end of March, and will then continue until June.
 Please do save time over the last 2 week-ends of February to come and visit Open House! in Tiong Bahru where I will be exhibiting my work.
Hoping to see you soon, at the studio!