We moved to the Blue House!

We are now part of the Discovery program of the Blue House International School! With a new space and a new studio, it means that Isadora’s Workshop is becoming l’Observatoire, an Art and Science place. Head over to the new website (still in construction, but with basic info) if you want to sign up for Drawing Classes, Tinkering Sundays or the famous Holiday Camps (Next one is coming up at the end of October).

We will be located near Turf City in a fantastic environment. Do come and check us out!

I will still be the main instructor for all the classes, but artists, engineers, tinkerers and scientists will be regularly invited to contribute.

About Isabelle Desjeux

Scientist since 1991, Mother since 1996, Full Time Artist since 2000, Part-Time Art Inspirer since 2002.

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    That is a wonderful news! Check it out mothers!

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