Finding Happiness in the Small Things in your Life

Happy New Year 2012

What better way to start the year than by looking ahead, with expectation and trepidation, at what the year ahead might bring?

Big beads in small bottle work best...

By now, on the second day of the year, if you are like me, you either have already broken one of your resolutions, or you are already beyond making resolutions, knowing that you will be breaking them.
Well, guess what? If you start adding up when you DID follow the resolution rather than when you broke it, you’ll find your glass filling up rather than emptying – et voilà! before you know it, your glass is half-full. Make sure the glass is small too; you can always add a second one when the first one is full!

So now, here is what I am wishing for all this year:

  • Looking at a book from above (Buang's notebook)

    Finding happiness in the small things means looking at what you have with a new eye; looking harder at what is around you; looking differently at what is given to you.


  • Thinking outside the box is a great idea, as long as you don’t neglect what’s inside the box and don’t forget the box too. Always remember that as a kid, it was the box you loved the most…for its potential: you’ll never be bored.
  • Keep teaching… you never know what you might learn!

    ... you never know what you might learn (Watercolour class, Summer 2011)

  • Keep your failures… one day they might bloom!

Failures in Bloom (from my 2010 exhibition, "Laboratory of 'Pataphysics")

  • About reading advice and “inspirational” note: remember that the writer is usually giving advice suitable for him/herself. In most cases, it won’t apply to you…

If they're all pointing somewhere but not looking where you're looking, it's probably not a direction worth following. (Pointers at the Louvre, Paris 2011)

Now, if you came to this page wanting to know when the next art class would be, bear with me while I redraw the schedule within the next few days, and the classes will be ready to start again soon. Whatever you do this year, make sure you JUST KEEP DRAWING and you can be sure the juices will keep flowing!

And if you want to know where my ART is going, remember to go and check my artist blog!

P.S. All pictures above are mine and copyrighted and cannot be used without my permission – as with all the pictures on this website!


About Isabelle Desjeux

Scientist since 1991, Mother since 1996, Full Time Artist since 2000, Part-Time Art Inspirer since 2002.

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