Moving Out Sale

Isadora’s Workshop will finally be closing its doors at the end of the month, after 2 last weeks of Holiday Camps.

We will be relocating to Gardenia Road (behind Thomson Plaza). However, at this time, it is not possible to give further information as to when classes would resume or what classes will be offered.

In the meantime, on SUNDAY 7th of December, 10am to 5pm, we are hosting a GARAGE and ART SALE!

If you are looking for:

  • Seletar-related ART, original DRAWINGS….
  • BABY and YOUNG CHILDREN items….
  • Furniture
  • Children’s clothes
  • Garden Furniture
  • a sports car….
  • Electrical appliances

Please come and Browse! Most items have been listed on our very own Seletar December Garage Sale Website: Shillymoo

See you on Sunday!


About Isabelle Desjeux

Scientist since 1991, Mother since 1996, Full Time Artist since 2000, Part-Time Art Inspirer since 2002.

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