Full Swing!

Negative shape drawing by Ruru (9 years old)

Negative shape drawing by Ruru (9 years old)

Negative shape drawing by Ruru (9 years old)

Drawing for children

Regular drawing classes have started again this week. Most classes are full, so if you are interested in classes for children, you may consider instead the parent-child art classes on the first Saturday of the month (and exceptionally, this week-end). Alternatively, you may look at the holiday classes. At the moment, I have only planned as far as the French School holidays at the end of October.

Drawing for teens

There has been some interest in a drawing class for teens – but since everyone’s regular schedule seems full, we might be looking at a holiday class (late October again for French school teens, late November for local school teens). The class would be aimed at those who already draw but would like to get a proper foundation in techniques such as perspective, light/dark, perception of edges, composition, as well as study of different styles. As usual, you have to come to these classes with an open mind.

Watercolours for adults.

For adults, there is a 3-day watercolour course to learn to tame the watercolours! The course is experimental, and we approach “image making” differently: throw the colours on the paper, see how it reacts, and then do something with the resulting marks. As we do exercises with the paint, we become more familiar with the medium. Those who wish can then go on to paint a realistic picture… or not!

Course: September 23-25, 9.30 – 12.30.

Registration deadline: September 16.

How do I register?

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