Jazz at the STPI

Printing Matisse  - Jazz Book
Printing Matisse – Jazz Book

7 children in the STPI Guest Workshop, for 3 hours. This was a workshop to understand how printmakers work, once the artist has conceptualized the work. The children’s task was to ink each part of the design according to the model displayed. So, there was utter concentration in the workshop for 3 hours. And the result… each child went home with one multicoloured copy of our own version of Matisse’s Jazz book. Check out the sequence of events below. And if you wonder how we did it, or what we did exactly, feel free to leave a comment below!

Our Jazz Book
Our Jazz Book

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Scientist since 1991, Mother since 1996, Full Time Artist since 2000, Part-Time Art Inspirer since 2002.

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