Red and Green Print

This October, it’s printmaking galore! And that’s good for those children with a holiday coming up, as well as for parents who want to get dirty (remember, the last Saturday of the month…).Spend an afternoon at the STPI learning about Monotypes (Suitable for children from 7 years old) on Tuesday 16th Oct, from 2 to 4 pm ($65). [ compatible with holidays at OFS and UWCSEA…] A monotype is a very special type of print, which by definition can only produce one copy. We will be using water-based inks, and all sorts of found materials that can leave a mark on the paper once passed through the press. There will also be a possibility to explore direct mark-making on the plate before passing it through the press – a kind of printed painting. In any case, it will be an EXPLORATION. And you will come home with a frameable piece of art! So, if you are interested, there might still be space left. Deadline for registering is the Friday, 12th of October. email Lam Yishan (STPI) directly to register or me to get more info.Spend a whole week learning about various relief printmaking techniques at my workshop (5 Hay Market), from Oct 22 to Oct 26, for 3 hours every morning, among the parakeets and inspiring greenery [Compatible with UWCSEA and Lycée Français holidays]. Details including registration form can be found at the Printmaking Camp page. In the meantime, if you need inspiration, go and check out artist printmaker David Bull’s webcam, directed straight at his workbench!

Lady’s Back 

My gallery of prints

Finally, the ritual last Saturday of the month, October 27, 2-4pm ($40/45, includes one T-shirt) will involve Printing on a T-shirt! There will be printing blocks (commonly known as stamps…), stencils (some commercial, some specially designed by myself). And maybe some silk-screen (if older children want to get involved). Check the Art and Craft page.

T-shirt Print
Detail of a T-shirt by Jehanita, 8 years old.

And if after all that you feel inspired for more, do go and check out what’s in store for this holiday season (Nov-Jan) here. I hope to see you at the studio soon!

About Isabelle Desjeux

Scientist since 1991, Mother since 1996, Full Time Artist since 2000, Part-Time Art Inspirer since 2002.

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